Tuesday 28 November 2017

Baratzea - November

I've just had a crash course in wild and semi-wild plants. I met a traveller this summer admiring my garden and we immediately hit it off and went on several foraging missions together. She's been back in Hendaye for a few days and every day we have been exploring my garden ad the open spaces of Hendaye with her teaching my the names and uses of the wild plants in my environment.  And then going home and spreading out five botanicae on the floor checking out the names and uses that my friend doesn't know.

These days there's not so much work to be done in the garden so it's been great to move forward with my (somewhat dormant) project of getting to know the names and uses of the plants around me.

Top to bottom then left to right
Banana leaf (ideal for a lampshade)
Sunflower head (30cm diameter)
unknown berries
Palm and wisteria seeds
Mache (Lamb's lettuce)


Lamb's lettuce

Cresson de Fontanine

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