Friday, 30 September 2016

Digital Nomad

I'm a happy bunny. In the last three days I have received three contract offers, one from my alma mater,  from where I received my PhD more than fifteen years ago one from an ex-colleague from Wageningen who has since relocated to Vigo and one from a new Chinese client (again in the world of rural development) who somehow got my name from someone in my network there. I was experiencing some anxiety that my move to Hendaye from Brussels ('because I like the light here') was stetching the invisible threads that sustain me a bit thin. I hadn't had many new contracts (not negotiated before I 'left' Brussels) arrive in this summer. It's good to be reassured that they are both durable and that they span half the globe!    

It seems I am not alone in loving the light here, the sense of energy that being between the mountains and the sea and at a cross over point between three cultures.  I've met four people in the past week, all at different locations/events, who have moved here in the past six months.  

Down side is I might be too busy to go to the beach next month.

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