Thursday, 26 March 2015

En passant 2015 day 4: A (foodie's) visit to Aragon

I ate in a Michelin recommended (note -  that is not the same as starred) Comodor today.  It was located in the cloisters at Roda de Isabena,  an 11th Century cathedral perched on a rock in Ribagorza (Aragon) with 360 degree views across astonishingly different landscapes.  The building used to be the canteen for the monks and was established in 1125, so this is almost certainly the longest established catering facility that I have ever dined in.  The surroundings were opulent with vaulted ceilings, remains of frescoes on one wall and classical music). The menu del dia (three course meal with wine water & coffee) consisted of two bean soup, a veal stew and yoghurt with honey. And I  got  change out of 20 Euro! I'm still so full here's no need to even go in search of tapas tonight.  My first meal in Aragon! 

The sun shone today and the wind stopped blowing off the snowy mountains.  I went down from wearing four layers to a T-Shirt and  drank my first coffee on a terrace in 2015!. Really good therapy after 15 hours of worrying about whether my car hire contract was going to fall through, 12 hours of torrential rain and a day of sub zero temperatures because of the wind blowing off the snow-clad mountain tops.  I love (Northern) Spain- when the weather's hospitable.

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