Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Trying to live within the planet's means (part 2)

Yesterday I booked a train ticket from Hendaye to Brussels for early next year.  I didn't really want to fly.  For me flying is only really justified if I can't do the train jouney in a day, which means (I guess more than 1500km) or impractical timetabling. I want to keep my carbon footprint low and I don't like all the security hassle associated with flying. There was a time when flying was fun, now it has become a chore.

I was delighted when the round ticket came to less than 130 Euro. That's for a round trip of about 2500 KM:  that about how much the tolls cost to drive from here to Brussels. This time I'll be able to pack a good book and watch the fields of France race past my window.     The return ticket from Paris to Hendaye cost 25 Euro.  Damn it in England I'd be lucky if I get from London to Guilford for that much. 

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