Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New technologies

I don't think I am a technophobe at heart, but sometimes the pace of new technologies gets the better of me.  I was the first in my street to own a PC in 1987, an Amstrad with one of those tickertape printers (do you remember those?).  I had a personal web page in 1994  (it took hours to craftt).  And I thought then that the future of theworld began with the prefix www.

The integration of mobile phone technologies with computer power has completely bemused and frustrated me.  I delayed buying  a smart phone for years.  After I did it soon dawned on me that I was (am) not smart enough to use it.  Its taken me years to learn how to use GPS, partly based on the fear of raising huge mobile data charges).  I resist downloaded any apps because I don't want to use my google e-mail accounts (I have a dozen because I don't remembe the passwords figuring I'll never use them again).  I don't know how to load pictures directly fom my phone to my blog and it is too much hassle to plug the phone into my PC when I get home to uplaod them. When I tried to set my mobile to receive e mails from my e mail set up with domain name it corrupted my account  with my host provider, necessitating three hours of phone calls from  an edge the edge of reception area in Entre Deux Mers (which meant sitting in my car runing my laptop off of its battery close to a reception point)  and the provider in the Netherlands.  The tail is definitely wagging the dog.

Sometimes its good to go back to techologies you understand.  Like this one.  While Iwas cooking a mixed up a jar full of Gomasio.  The trick is to just up a crush a bit a time.  Pour two tablespoons of sesame seeds  into the mortar and sal to taste and grind to a coarse powder. The scent lets you when each batch is ready.  A technology that engages more of the senses.    

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