Saturday, 7 May 2016

Borage in abundance

My hosts in Redhill. Surrey, have Borage in abundance in their garden. The flowers visually elevate any salad you are making - tonight's is celery, cucumber, feta and some non-descript chili.

Sarah and Bryn have spent the last month running an election campaign to keep a Green seat in Redhill East. They were  successful.  400 votes ahead of the Tories!   This evening they're chilling (read sleeping off a post count, post six weeks' campaigning hangover).  I assumed the role of chef tonight: aware that they are moving home in two weeks time.  What can  I find in their garden and the  depths of their cupboards?

A gammon steak ( bought yesterday) with mustard sauce (a bit too german?)
Sweet potato fries
The salad above
a side dish of couscous / quinoia with chilis and raisins.

Pineapple with chili and sugar (a la Tamil) as  a desert

Lets go!

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