Sunday, 14 June 2015

Pictures in a gallery

I was at the Chagall retrospective at the Musée des Beaux Artes yesterday. I was really impressed. I was familiar with some of his work but was not aware of the scope and depth of his work. And he did a lot as he lived to be almost 100 years old.  The audio guide was really useful in explianing the contexts of his work - the outbrek of war, his time in France etc.) and the symbology he employed. 

Highly recommended if you are in Brussels in the coming weeks.  But hurry! It's only on for two more weeks. And go as early as you can. It was already crowded by midday.  
This is a portion of one of his later works called the rainbow – when he appears to have found some peace.  

And here's a link to some of the images on display  

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