Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The best Spag Bol ever

There was some mince in the freezer, tomatoes in the fridge, spaghetti in a jar,  some bay leaves and garlic and some grated Emmental.  Guess you can imagine what I would be cooking? Yep, Spag.Bol!  For many people (well Brits at least) this is the usually the first dish they learn to master after flying the parental nest. They feel like real cooks (and if they are really good or lucky might get laid afterwards).   Tonight I found a new twist.  I made the sauce - as usual - but instead of cooking the spaghetti separately and putting the sauce on top, I poured half a litre of water into the pan and then dropped the spaghetti into the pan.  It soaked up the juices of the meat, tomatoes and garlic.  It was the best Spag Bol I have ever cooked: no, the best I have I ever tasted. Sadly I was eating alone (appropriately enough I was watching a Woody Allen movie). So there was no prospect of cookery skills leading to other delights.  But hey I have a new trick up my  sleeve.

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