Friday, 31 October 2014

Grey skies but a rainbow of communities.

The skies aren't so grey at the moment but its inevitable that they will be soon

I hosted a leaving party for my soon-to-be ex-flat mate last night. At some point in the evening I counted the nationalities of the people attending: two Belgians (one Flams, one Wallonian), two Brits, two French, one Spaniard, a Pole, a Lebanese and a Cote d'Ivorian and two people of mixed origin (Belgian /Polish and Belgian/Turkish). And their professions ranged from surgeon to urban gardeners to tourist guide to cleaner! (And not a single lobbyist or 'fonctionnaire' in sight

Much though I have issues about living in a cold, damp, climate in an often over-crowded, polluted and heavily-littered city I doubt if I could enjoy such socio-cultural diversity in many other places in Europe. Here's to Brussels in its ugliness, beauty and diversity.

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