Tuesday, 30 September 2014

En Passant - day 2: Dali-ville

Day two: Cabestany - Col de Perthous (290m) - La Jonquera - Figueres (65 km).

If you are reading this blog- it's part of a series -so better to go back to here to get the background

It rained all morning so I stayed in my 'digs' and did a bit of work / writing. Headed out for the border just after lunchtime. Too rainy and cloudy to bother taking any photos en route. The sun began to come out as I descended from from La Jonquera to Figueres. Hooray! Two of the last three days have been wash outs (causing chaos on both sides of the border) and I'm starting to run out of clothes suitable for such weather. Figueres is lovely, vibrant: the food here spicier and cheaper than in France and I have a really swish hotel!

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