Saturday, 20 November 2010

I been away

And had a bad few weeks----
A surfeit of work in September and October- which delayed an overdue trip to the UK - where I experienced: connectivity problems (which deserves a whole blog) - too many time changes (at a time of year when it really counts)- 'homesickness' (after visiting friends in west Wales and seeing real darkness and wilderness for the first time in too many years) and guilt (my instincts tell me father is dying and I should be in London more - but how?).

Of course there were good bits in all of that. New books, music, ideas, contacts - seeing an autumn that showed the best colours I can remember(photos to follow) and seeing friends with whom I have a long history. (And went to one of the best firework displays I can remember seeing).

But when I came back two weeks ago I just hid under the duvet for two weeks. Went into my office when I had to - but otherwise blew out social engagements, skipped Dutch classes, drumming circle, Buddhist meetings and other non-essential obligations.

Today the sun came out and I went up to the garden and filled carrier bags with root vegetables (parsnips and celeriac) and leeks. There's something fresh and invigorating about the smell of freshly newly picked vegetables - that hopefully should refresh even the most jaded palette...

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