Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Turning of the tides

Today the seasons' turn. Autumn begins. The nights become longer than the days. For the first time in months there is a mist outside my window. My head is heavily involved in planning for the dark days - although my heart still clings to memories of the summer.

What better time to post some final photos of the summer? My last day away in France. A walk in the Gorge du Verdon - a 6-7km walk - but highlighted everywhere with signs that say this is 'hardcore': "bring a torch and 2 litres of water". Unlike most walks I ever done this started with a 500m+ drop from the top of the valley to the chasm below.

Being in bottom of the gorge, and sometimes among woody glades, provides shade that is not usually available on mountain top walks. And the chance to bathe in icy cold streams.

The downside was a 500m+ climb out of the valley at the end of the day -when I was feeling really tired. Never has a beer and a (non alcoholic) aperitif seemed so welcoming.


vincent said...

breath taking photos!


Textual Healer said...

Thanks Vince - whoever you may be.